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Ralf HallerRalf Haller April 8, 2010

First solar-powered plane to take off

Only a week after CERN in Geneva could successfully create electron collisions that could lead to new understanding of how the cosmos started, another French Swiss (in the French speaking area of Switzerland) world first was achieved. The first solar-powered plane took off with a test pilot setting an important milestone for this ambitious project called SolarImpulse trying to fly around the world with a purely solar-powered plane.

I asked myself why it is that the Romands (as the French speaking Swiss are called) seem to be so much into world’s first recently.  Is it coincidence or has it to do with a certain attitude and entrepreneurial spirit that they have in their genes? I was also quite amazed to see how openly both events were celebrated which was so much different than the cool banker style that one otherwise gets to see on TV (and in movies like James Bond) when it comes to the Swiss nature. :-)

From a more general view you could also say that the good guys are in the West of Switzerland (creating great positive public news) and the bad guys (if you want to use that word) are in the East where the bankers are at home. Uuups that comparison might not go well though with the folks in Zurich I suppose.

But let’s get back to the SolarImpulse project. Congratulations to a great achievement and a great PR event. The website contains also great social community ideas and crowd financing approaches such as the possibility to buy a solar cell and name it your own for just 200 CHF. With 12,000 solar cells integrated into the wings that also adds up to a nice 2.4 million CHF. Well done too guys and good luck for the next milestones!