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Ralf HallerRalf Haller November 15, 2010

Swiss startups present at 1st Investor Elevator Pitch Event

This evening I attended the 1st Swiss ICT startup elevator pitch event. It was organized by SwissICT the largest ICT association here and surprisingly their first such event. Well it is never too late I thought and attended after quite some time a startup event here again. Eight companies were pre-selected to give an elevator pitch to investors and guests and then the investors selected 4 (due to a tight it got 5) that could present their companies in more detail.

To my surprise the pitches were quite good. I did a little game myself and picked my 4 best ones. Again to my surprise these were exactly the chosen ones then. With the exception of one which I think was totally overrated. Surprisingly that company was picked as the number one by the crowd. I guess time will tell now who is right or wrong, me or them. :-)

I must restate that the quality of the pitches was mostly excellent and deserves a lot of respect!