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Ralf HallerRalf Haller July 1, 2010

Ask the right questions first before you invest into any projects

I am reading an excellent book on how to do Productive Thinking in a business setting: Think Better by Tim Hurson. In essence he describes a sophisticated systematic way how to better do brainstorming sessions combined with critical thinking to come to creative answers. In the six step process he uses step 3 is the most important one: What’s the Question?  Quoting Peter Drucker:

The most serious mistakes are not being made as a result of wrong answers. The truly dangerous thing is asking the wrong question.

I think that this is an entirely correct statement and also in my experience the most common reason why initiatives such as in marketing, sales or product design, product development fail is that the wrong questions have been asked to formulate the challenge or problem and then all efforts are targeted at solving the wrong problem.

Tim Hurson writes that the ultimate question – a truly Catalytic Question – must be figured out first and unless you don’t do that it doesn’t matter how good the rest of your work is.

Idea management software solutions such as the one we represent - Kindling – are excellent tools to not only find ideas but also find the right questions to start with before all efforts are made to try to solve the wrong or not core issue.

Ralf HallerRalf Haller April 24, 2010

Ireland calls its citizens for help with an Idea & Innovation Community

The EU is right now collecting lots of money for Greece to reestablish some confidence in the markets and with that avoid having to pay even more. There are also fears that the other PIGS countries Spain, Portugal and Ireland may call for help.

Now Ireland being a nation that has been through lots of economic hardship in its history but also enjoyed an EU-wide unmatched boom not too long ago, is currently hit hard as well. Being a proud nation that likes to take its fate into its own hands, its President Mary Mac Aleese is calling its citizen to submit ideas in eight categories on how the country can direct its policies. The event is called quite appropriately “Your country your call”.

I think what we see here is only the beginning of something that many other countries should and will do as well at some point. Calling for the combined knowledge of a whole country will certainly lead to new and better ideas. I consider it as a true democratic way and this even seems an improvement over what we have enjoyed in Switzerland for quite a long time already: letting people decide about their matters and not some professional politicians only with lots of self-interest, who are also quite limited in their judgements and overall understanding of most of the subjects that they have to decide about. Online Social Communities seem ideal for governments enabling them to run such calls effectively. Something Switzerland, which is otherwise probably the most advanced country in applying democracy, should also make use of. Not to mention practically all other so-called democratic countries. The eight categories plus “Other” where Ireland is asking its people for ideas are:


Ralf HallerRalf Haller April 20, 2010

1 million USD award for the best 4G ideas

I only came across this bold competition called mYprize 4G Developer Challenge today – it is run by YTL Communications, who belong to the Malaysian YTL Corporation. On their website they say about themselves:

The YTL Group’s core businesses are ownership and management of regulated utilities and other infrastructural assets, serving 10 million customers in three continents.

YTL Corporation’s strategy of providing “World Class Products and services at very competitive prices” along with its history of Innovation, has led directly to it recording a compounded annual growth rate in Pre-tax profits of 55% over the last 15 years, and an enviable track record of creating shareholder value. It has been paying dividends every year since it was listed on KLSE. YTL Corporation’s strategy has also resulted in it and its subsidiaries accumulating numerous International Awards in the process.

While YTL is not a long-time telecommunication company at all, they decided to build the country’s fastest 4G (2.3GHz WiMAX) wireless network through their 60% ownership in YTL Communications. Now such diversities are not uncommon at all in Asia and China. Many of the largest tech and telco companies originated from construction, ship building, food supply or e.g. container harbors. So not so surprising then that YTL itself is active in O&M Activities, Cement Manufacturing, Construction Contracting, Property Development, Hotels & Resorts, Technology Incubation, REIT, and Carbon Consulting.

Back to YTL Communications. They decided to run this competition collecting new ideas on how to use this new high-speed wireless network using a very nice social innovation community platform. In case you want to still participate, though, time is running out as submissions must come in by May 1.