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Ralf HallerRalf Haller April 14, 2011

How intelligent is your company?

This is not a silly question but one that is key for any organization that has to compete for business in their product markets. Questions that come up are:

Do you actually know how to measure your innovativeness?

One way to e.g. measure how your innovation management is handled is to use the free IMPROVE benchmarking process which looks at 5 dimensions. (I am an IMPROVE Guide and can assist you in filling out and analyzing the strengths and weaknesses if you like, this is a free of charge service as well from us)

What is intelligence for your company in the first place?

  • Ability to produce optimal solutions to important and difficult problems
  • No matter whether this is for a company or for an individual
  • The intelligence of a company is not just the average IQ of the workforce
  • Company intelligence is how the workforce generates and shares innovation
Now to do this is in a systematic way over a longer period of time and not have all your managers and key employees run through time-consuming and expensive workshops where they learn how to communicate for innovation better, a software solution such as the one we can offer with particpation rates of 70-90% among all our clients is needed. Any solution that does not deliver such participation rates should let you ask: why not? Usability and ease-of-use are key. You do not want to start another ERP-like integration project that lasts a year or so with high-risk and big investments… This is not needed with our solution. We focus on the delivery of the bottom line results, which are how to use the software to create new ideas and innovations in your organization effectively and with lasting results.