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Ralf HallerRalf Haller April 6, 2011

Online survey Idea Management in Switzerland

Since January 2011 we run a survey among HR managers of largest Swiss organisations asking them questions on how they do idea management. As a basis for this online survey we took the claims from the German management book author Reinhard Sprenger “Mythos Motivation”. He compares the old traditional  ”BVW” (Betriebliches Vorschlagswesen) with modern creative idea and innovation management in a table. The first set of questions of our online survey takes these claims and asks the survey participants if they agree with Sprenger’s claims or not. After 34 HR managers of large Swiss organisations have filled out our survey we show the results below. If you would like to obtain the full report you have to apply with us at info@extendance.com and if your company is among our target group we will send you an invitation.