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Ralf HallerRalf Haller April 26, 2010

The most innovative companies list – so what?

Just saw this list today which claims to show the top 50 most innovative companies in the world. Of course Asia, and China in particular, is gaining traction and also it’s normal that the US has by far the most companies represented. I consider such lists to be not very helpful at all. They serve primarily as a clever way to do PR for the consulting firms doing them and other than that show the totally obvious. By slightly changing the criteria used in such lists, a totally different list would show up. E.g. why not take worldwide market leaders. There is an excellent book called The Hidden Champions that talks about unknown small to medium sized companies (some also pretty large in fact) being world market leaders in their field and highly innovative. Most of this list’s companies are from Germany since the consulting firm is based there.

What this Top 50 list though is simply doing is taking the biggest companies by revenues and/or market cap and then seem to look who is mentioned the most in the public (Apple, Google, Microsoft etc.) and  - voila – here’s the list.

As I said above mostly PR and not worth to pay too much attention to. The media should IMHO not even look at such lists unless they do a bit more research on how these lists were created as they otherwise are misused as PR vehicles by consulting firms.

To sum it up: if you are not mentioned on this list but really would like to be, then you have to increase your PR and marketing budget and most likely don’t have to do anything more in product/service innovation at all. Or you hire that consulting firm. But that was not my idea. ;-)