Enabling High-Tech Businesses to Win in Information &
Communication (ICT) Markets

Extendance specializes in product marketing, online PR, business development, and strategy development for high-tech (ICT) companies. Our key strength is our detailed understanding of the technologies and markets themselves, which gives us a major advantage selling into rapidly evolving high-tech markets, and enables us to generate business for established and emerging firms alike.

A wealth of specialist experience working for major players in the world's main high-tech markets (US, Asia, Europe) enables Extendance's professionals to collaborate closely with customers of all kinds, from startups to major corporations. To ensure they get maximum value from us, we put our high-caliber product marketing, online PR, business and strategy development expertise completely at our customers' disposal.

Extendance supports corporations to develop their sales & product marketing to:

  • increase sales
  • communicate competitive advantages
  • define and promote corporate image
  • implement go-to-market strategies

Highest Quality and Fast Services

It is our daily business to work in a fast moving environment so we are used to deliver high quality results quickly. Complex product marketing tools or highly technical white papers can be generated in weeks rather than months. Even business development tasks can benefit from the same sort of focussed approach.

Clients can leverage the synergies between our service offerings to create a fast and effective sales or marketing campaign. The tools we use to manage our services include state-of-the-art web collaboration applications that can also be accessed by our clients.