Ralf HallerRalf Haller April 6, 2011

Presentation at Personal Swiss 2011

Today I had a somewhat funny experience speaking in front of a small (15-20) group of people on idea and innovation management at the Personal Swiss 2011 event.

Why was this strange? Well, just one hour before, there were a few hundred people attending a very boring Social Media in HR discussion moderated by a Swiss TV moderator. In retrospect I had to laugh as Social Media is from a news perspective old stuff and the things that they discussed and hundreds of people listened to is somewhat 2-3 years – at the least – old. I would not have dared to ask such questions as the TV moderator did and for sure would not have expected that anyone would be really still interested in this at all.

So what does that mean at the end? Firstly, the HR managers in Switzerland are at the least 2-3 years behind trends that originate from the US. This by itself is not a critique but simply reflects also the Swiss mentality which is to look at things very carefully first and only once well reflected start to do it. Then of course they do it very comprehensively. And secondly the topic of idea and innovation management will need another 2-3 years before it draws the same crowd – in HR. By then I am sure lots of the consultants there and keynote speakers will have it on their agenda. One of the keynote speakers I heard from people attending his talk already dared to put his toes into the water. Dr. Arnold said:

„Nutzen Sie die Intelligenz der Vielen! Denn eine Gruppe mit den besten Mitarbeitenden eines Unternehmens ist immer intelligenter als der Klügste aus ihrer Mitte.” (Use the intelligence of the crowds! Because a group of the best employees of a company is always more intelligent than the most intelligent individual among them.)

Here the link to my yesterday’s presentation (in German) at the Personal Swiss 2011 event in Zurich:

BVW vs. Ideen- und Innovationsmanagement

(BVW: Betriebliches Vorschlagswesen)


  • Kritik am “BVW”
  • Geht es auch anders?
  • Ideen- und Innovationsmanagement
    • Grundprinzipien
    • Zutaten fuer eine erfolgreiche Implementation
      • Ideen Management Software mit hoechster Userakzeptanz
      • Professionelles Coaching
    • Organisations Kulturen (China, Westen, “Google”)
    • Referenz Beispiele
    • Userakzeptanzraten
    • Fazit: was braucht es fuer ein erfolgreiches Ideen und Innovationsmanagement ?
  • Umfrage – ZWISCHEN – Ergebnisse “BVW in der Schweiz”